Krystalrae Spring 2014

Spring 2014

The Inspiration

Spring 2014 was inspired by artist, Wassily Kandinsky, and his painting “On White II.” Recognized as Kandinsky’s most famous piece, “On White II” is an explosion of abstract geometric shapes and vibrant bright colors. It has been described as a representation of life and the many possibilities and opportunities life has to offer.

The collection uses beautiful shades of blue as its foundation—the same color hues that paint the backdrop to our daydreams. The distinct shapes, triangles, and lines of “On White II” are taken off of the canvas and transformed into the collection’s mix of tunics and leggings. The shape of the pieces gives the wearer a distinct form and presence that can neither be ignored nor denied.

Like Kandinsky’s masterpiece, the Krystalrae woman lives a life of infinite possibilities. She personifies hope and embodies

promises of tomorrow. A woman whose life knows no bounds.

Krystalrae Spring 2014 Collection

Chan + Krys