Krystalrae Holiday 2013

Holiday 2013

The Inspiration

The Krystalrae Holiday 2013 Collection was inspired by Grammy-nominated singer Carolyn Malachi and her era-defining new album “GOLD.” On this album, Carolyn describes “GOLD” as being the world’s most precious commodity, but not in the sense of the shiny metal found in rocks, but instead as the beauty that one finds in themselves. She immerses listeners in stories about their inner GOLD, and by album’s end, has taught them how to discover, embrace, and transform into this state of being.

The Krystalrae woman embodies this definition of GOLD. Her beauty is internal. Her power comes from within. She is a woman of royalty, but not due to the appointment of others, but because of what she stands for and how she presents herself. Her spirit and inner beauty shine through darkness, just as a

gold nugget shines through murky river waters.

Krystalrae Holiday 2013 Collection

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